Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Having A "Souper" Neuhaus New Year's Eve

       Some snapshots from our evening.   Recipes follow.

Can you tell which kids are winning at "RISK" and which kids are not?  Apparently, Ian has a talent for world domination. 

 Hayden is enjoying Linda's INCREDIBLY MOIST chocolate chip cake.  We're hoping to get Linda to post a couple of her cake recipes on here!  She also makes an amazing pistachio cake.

Linda is enjoying one of her favorites (and Hayden's too) - the cheese ball.

                                               Joey is playing with Uno Stacko.

The parents have finished their game of Michigan Rummy and are now hanging out with our youngin's while they wrap up their NEVERENDING game.  (Uh, RISK is like the LONGEST game ever.  I think it is worse than Monopoly, but everyone seems to love it.) We can't stay up too late, guys, we have church tomorrow!  Tim and Scott look like they're discussing something REALLY important. Nope, just looking and talking about the fish tank -

     Saturday night was a fun and special evening at the Wand's.  We are a very social family.  I LOVE having people over!  Being a homeschooling mom not only requires a dedication to your children's education, but also a willingness to provide your children with fun, appropriate social experiences.  I was never homeschooled.  I was also a public school elementary teacher for several years, and I gotta tell you, my kids have FAR more interaction with other families and peers than I ever did!  Our homeschool community is a large, wonderful family because many of our children have grown up together and the parents have formed bonds as we support one another and continue to grow in Christ.
     We have known the Neuhauses for years and the mama, Linda, has been both a sister and a mentor to me.  The girls and I spent most of the day cooking and preparing for this very special family.  Linda and I decided that soup, salad, and bread would be yummy.  Linda would make one of her huge, delicious salads and a dessert, and the girls and I would make the soup and bread.  We also wanted to make Linda a loaf of almond braided bread as a belated birthday present.  And then there is the cheese ball - We knew Linda liked it and Hayden loves it so much she could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

                                         New Year's Eve Menu:
   The recipes for the bold-faced items are provided below this entry in this order.  For some reason, Hayden's bread recipes can't be scrolled down to and won't show up on "older posts", so you'll have to click on them from the right side of the blog where it says "blog archive".

    Cheese ball (appetizer)
    Baked potato soup
    Crawfish bisque
    Homemade bread
    Chocolate chip cake
    iced tea, lemonade, water, and coffee

    We've also included the recipe for the almond braided bread that was made for Linda's birthday gift.


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