Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aunt Patty's Tea Party Part II (pimento cheese and cupcake pops)

                                       Look who I found!  It's Ma! (Pat Wand)
                The mystery lady in pink smiles between her daughters Donna and Patty.

Below we've posted two recipes from the tea party:  Lana Binnicker's pimento cheese spread (Thanks, Lana!) and Hayden's cupcake pops.  Enjoy!

1 pound of sharp cheddar cheese
a jar of pimentos
Hellmann's mayonnaise (Lana says it has to Hellmans!)
salt (you may want to taste before adding, since there is already salt in your ingredients)
hot sauce

Get your cheese grated and ready.

Pour in the entire jar of pimentos with the liquid.

Lana doesn't measure the mayo.  She has her "special" bowl and when it's full, it's right.  You can estimate the ratio of cheese and pimento to mayo from the picture.  This looks like about two cups.  I would start with a cup and stir and keep adding more until you like the way it looks.
Lana adds salt, pepper, and hot sauce to taste.  This stuff is really good.

 Patty served the pimento cheese between little heart shaped pieces of bread (just use a cookie cutter!).

Now it's my (Hayden's) turn! I have never successfully made cake pops before, so I was quite pleased with the ways these turned out. I used Bakerella's fun book:

The first step is to use a regular cake mix and bake it in a large brownie pan following the directions on the package. After the cake has cooled, crumble it into little pieces with your fingers, so that it looks like this:

Add about 2/3 of a can of icing. This is how much I used, but I probably should have used a little more, since the chocolate cake seemed dryer than yellow cake.

Mix with your hands.

Measure lumps of the mixture using a tablespoon. Roll the tablespoon-sized cake goop tightly into balls. Set in the fridge overnight, or in the freezer for an hour or two.

Shape the balls into cupcake shapes by pushing up half the mush so that it looks like a mushroom.  The book recommends using a very small flower-shaped cookie cutter, but we couldn't find one!

Heat the melting chocolate according to the package directions. Dip the bottoms of the cupcake-shaped balls into the chocolate. Dip the tops of the lollipop sticks into the chocolate and then stick them into the bottoms of the cupcake balls. Stick in Styrofoam to dry.

Melt the colored melting chocolate. Melting chocolate comes in many different colors. We chose pink.

Holding the stick, twirl the top of the cupcake pop in the chocolate. Hold for a few seconds over the bowl so the excess chocolate runs off. Top with a red M&M candy (to look like a cherry) and sprinkles.

My (still slightly swollen) minion, Emily


Then Jesse said to his son David, "Take now for your brothers an ephah of this dried grain and these ten loaves, and run to your brothers at the camp. And carry these ten cheeses to the captain of their thousand, and see how your brothers fare, and bring back news of them."
- I Samuel 17:17-18


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