Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Women's Preparedness and Grinding Wheat


                        Hayden grinds wheat berries using our friend Janda's hand mill.

     Are you a "prepper"?  This term has been used pretty loosely lately as our nation wrestles with natural disasters, a more dangerous society, and questionable ethics in food production among many other things.  About eight years ago, the Lord directed me to specific verses in Matthew, chapter 24 about the end times.  As I continued my research through the Scriptures, it became very clear to me that times were going to become increasingly difficult worldwide as we drew closer to the Second Coming of Christ. I came to the conclusion that although the Lord expected us to trust in Him and to not be afraid, He also expected us to be responsible with the heads-up He has clearly given us in His Word.  It turned out that I wasn't the only one who was feeling led to start gearing up my household and training my children to be more self (God)-sufficient and less dependent on the world to provide for them.  The Lord began to bring like-minded women into my life who would mentor and encourage me as I began to learn to be less of a worldly woman, and more of a godly one.  As the daughter of a career woman and a formerly feminist-minded one myself, I had never been taught these types of skills.
    One friend in particular agreed to partner with me to keep me accountable and to begin a Christian women's preparedness group where we could share, encourage and teach each other everything from first aid to water storage.  Linda and I began our meetings last year and recently started back up after a long holiday break.  The meetings have been successful and our groups can be large or small depending on the topics and the schedules of the ladies.
   Our friend, Janda had purchased a bucket of hard wheat over sixteen years ago before her move from Wyoming and had been keeping it in her hot garage pretty much forgotten.  As an experiment, she decided to open her bucket, grind the wheat, and bake it into bread!  To her amazement, the bread tasted great.  Wheat stores MUCH longer than flour and the flour you'll produce is much healthier than what you'd purchase in the grocery store.  Although the girls and I bake bread often, we had never ground wheat in a mill and were interested in some new bread ideas.  Janda opened her home to a meeting last week where she explained the benefits of wheat grinding, the types of mills, and presented an informative video.  She also gave us a handout of helpful websites. Her wonderful mother, Betty, also instructed us in some new and exciting bread recipes and techniques.

     Miss Betty explains the differences between using a bread machine and working by hand.  She also explained the technique differences between making loaf bread and special breads like dinner rolls and hamburger buns.

          Here we practice "pinching" off dough and "ever so gently" rolling it for dinner rolls.

By placing our dough pieces into a loaf pan with the sides touching, we'll get softer "pull apart" bread roll results.

Here are the loaves we kneaded and panned.  Some are Miss Betty's "Yogurt bread with Grains (and sunflower seeds!)" recipe.

Here we enjoy some baked yummies (including bread baked with sixteen-year-old wheat!) while our bread bakes in Janda's oven.

In the back of this picture, you can see the fluffy sides of a couple of rolls when they are pulled apart.  They were so soft!

                                                         More wheat grinding!

My husband devoured the dinner rolls I brought home.  They were AMAZING.  Janda's daughter, Liz, also copied their "Creamy Chive Rings" bread recipe down for us that we cannot wait to try.  We'll keep you posted!

Two women will be grinding at the mill:  one will be taken and the other left.  Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.
Matthew 24:41


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