Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Wonderful Scrambled Egg Surprise

     Have to share! Yesterday on my news feed I came across a recipe for super creamy scrambled eggs (link is below). I glanced over it and decided to give it a try. I already knew that one of the secrets to really good scrambled eggs was removing them from the heat before they were completely finished. Although they aren't supposed to be runny, if you take them off of the heat just a wee bit too moist, they'll finish up on the plate nicely for you and come out creamy instead of dry and rubbery.
      Sometimes I would add milk, sometimes not. In this recipe, the secret is a little bit of cornstarch whisked into a little bit of milk. Add this mixture to your scrambled egg mixture and then cook over medium heat (they started with high heat for their butter technique below, and yes, someday when I am skinny I will try this). As I said, this recipe calls for butter, which I can only imagine tastes wonderfully, but I am watching calories, so I just added salt and pepper. They also continually stir them off of the heat in this recipe, but I avoided that because I didn't have hot, melted butter in the pan to help cook them (I used Pam). Typically, over-stirring can make your eggs a bit mealy, so be careful. Move them gently as pictured; do not "scramble" them again while you stir. Another thing I agree with is to leave them alone in the pan for a few seconds before you start moving them around.  Scott and I had these this morning (sans butter) while the kids ate their blueberry biscuits (Thanks, Martha White). My husband and I immediately noticed the improvement! Seriously, these were some GOOD scrambled eggs. I can only imagine what the addition of butter would create. I traveled from kid to kid and had each one sample my creation (another way to save calories, I guess) and each one smiled (except for Harrison - he doesn't smile much in the morning) and said "Those are good!" Hayden doesn't even care for scrambled eggs and she liked them. To see the measurements and pictures, click the link below. Seriously, you'll be impressed.

Additional note: Made these eggs again for my kids the next day according to the original directions (with the butter). I used six eggs and doubled the entire recipe. I do not recommend doubling the butter. Although Joey thought they were heavenly, they were a little greasy. I would keep the butter around 4 tablespoons instead of 6 when doubling. They also need to stay in the frying pan a little longer than the recommended five extra seconds before removing from the heat. No big deal. If too under-cooked, just throw back onto the heat for a few seconds. I did sneak a little taste.  Wow. Really good!

"Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?"
Luke 11:12


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